Wouter Vlemmings' Homepage

pictWelcome to my webpage which will likely be forever under construction (whenever I find the time).

From beginning 2009 I lead a research group mostly dedicated to the study of magnetic fields during the early and late stages of stellar evolution (but also the occasional pulsar and stellar outflow). The original group was a DFG funded Emmy Noeter research group at the Argelander Institute of Astronomy of the University of Bonn in Germany. Now at Chalmers University of Technology/Onsala Space Observatory, I have been awarded an ERC Consolidator grant and a Swedish Research Council (VR) 'FramstÃ¥ende yngre forskare' grant.

 I'm also the head of one of the European ALMA regional centers. Till the end of 2008, I held an 'Akademischer Rat' university staff position at the AIfA. Previously I was a Marie Curie Research Fellow working at Jodrell Bank Observatory, which is part of The University of Manchester's Department of Physics and Astronomy. Before that I was a Post-Doc at Cornell University and before that a PhD student at Sterrewacht Leiden.

More information about my research, my resarch group and potential student projects can be found at my research group page. My publication list can be found here via ADS